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Cowboy Connect

Unlock your ride

Unleash the true potential of your ride with Connect. You'll experience a newfound force with AdaptivePower, enjoy turn-by-turn Google Maps navigation and rest easy with GPS tracking and theft alerts. Connect with friends, compete on leaderboards, and sync with Strava and Apple Health. It's the ultimate connected e-bike.Available for all riders on iOS and Android

Over-the-air updates

Your Cowboy bike will always be up-to-date with the latest features and advancements for a future-proof riding experience.

Fully controlled via your cockpit

Manage the connected features of your bike directly from the integrated cockpit, ensuring a seamless and intuitive riding experience.


Feel the latest ride technology built into an electric motor as it adapts to any change in condition or terrain for extra power when you need it.See the tech

  • Incline

    Make contact with a change in slope inclination and you'll fly right up the hill at the same speed as before.

  • Headwind

    Catch a headwind as the bike senses the wind's strength to give you the extra power you need to cut through it.

  • Gravity

    Pack a lot of gear onto the bike and you'll be lifted back up to handle the added weight no sweat.

Cowboy AdaptivePower™

With AdaptivePower Technology, this bike thinks for itself. Encounter any resistance on the road, and it instantly adapts to what's around you. Gain extra power when you need it most and you'll feel nothing but a smooth path ahead.

Eco Power

Whether you want to go the distance on a single charge or squeeze every last drop of power from a low battery, Eco Power lets you conserve energy with less motor assistance.

Rest easy

With Theft Protection enabled, we'll alert you immediately if someone tries to snatch your bike. Plus, our GPS tracking ensures you can always locate your ride no matter where you are.

Find My Bike

Whether near or far, you'll be able to locate your bike at all times with GPS tracking. Follow the signal to pinpoint its exact location.

Theft Alerts

If we detect your bike is on the move without you, we'll notify you right away.
Sign up for Theft Protection to unlock this exclusive feature.

Theft alerts activated with Theft Protection

Share My Ride

Your friends and loved ones can follow your ride in realtime. Choose to share your ride and you'll see their reactions along the way until you arrive.

Cycle worry-free with Predictive Alerts and Crash Detection. Knowing when you need to charge up or stay extra safe on the road keeps you focused on the thrill of the ride.

Predictive Alerts

As you ride, we're looking ahead to spot any dangerous crossroads on your route. When a hotspot is detected 60 meters away we'll notify you to slow your roll.

Always know your charge. With predictive battery range estimation and charge reminders, you'll never run out of power on your ride.

Crash Detection

If the bike detects that you're ever in an accident, we'll check in to make sure you're alright. If not, we'll automatically alert your emergency contacts and share your live position.

With Apple Health and Strava integration, automatically sync your rides and get credit for all your activities. Complement your ride with the Apple Watch App and see your movements stack up.

Apple Watch app

With your ride essentials at hand, simply lock and unlock your bike, check your stats and track all that effort with the Cowboy Apple Watch app.

Trips Sync

Automatically synchronize your rides on Apple Health and Strava, and get credit for all your activities.

Stay connected

The companion app is your go-to for anything you need on the road – anytime, anywhere. Shop for custom gear, see remote diagnostics or seek customer service.

Accessories shop

Find accessories and spare parts compatible with your bike, directly in the app to keep you riding smooth.


The Cowboy team is available to chat with you in app for any bike maintenance or tech questions you have along the way.

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